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A planet-wide cloud blanketed the world. The cloud was made up of Jam and Anti-Jam – natively transparent substances, both capable of instantly changing form.
Jam is a cooperative, helpful substance that follows and protects those who wield a Power Key. Anti-Jam, on the other hand, is a toxic and destructive substance that takes monstrous forms as it poisons the lands.
Each Power Key offers a different set of abilities, allowing for different playstyles. Use this to your advantage to help combat Anti-Jam and keep the world safe!

Jam Cloud 95 is a turn-based, retro-inspired MMORPG where you must challenge monsters to protect the land.


  • Open-world exploration – travel wherever you please in your quest to halt Anti-Jam
  • Battle specialization – Choose from a variety of weaponry, Power Keys and Domains to match your battle preference
  • Fight solo or co-op – go alone or join a party with drop-in battles
  • Unlimited progression – slowly grow your abilities with no level cap
  • Deep, situational combat – no elemental rock-paper-scissors
  • Home sweet home – personalize your living quarters with decor and interactive items (coming December 2023)
  • Ever-expanding world – new content and features added regularly to keep things fresh