.::.::. Snowcap Model is now linkable. Keep your cool with the powers of ice! .::.::.

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World News Bulletin #12

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Power Hall Open

Jam Leaders can now link to the Snowcap Model Power Key. Visit the newly constructed Power Hall in Salad Grasslands for more information.


A near-omnipresent entity known as Imp has been lending power-enhancing Imp Jewels to monsters in need. For example, the Boreas Jewel is capable of reversing the Hybrid meld process by eliciting a state of hibernation in Command Jam.

In response, the Jam Sage Alliance has created a tool known as an Imp Trap that is capable of extracting and denaturing Imp Jewels.

World News Bulletin #11

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Totem Installation

A Heartbreak Totem was installed in Salad Grasslands III. It allows Jam Leaders to join the Archival Memory Domain.

Salad Grasslands

Salad Grasslands III has been expanded to help pool more Antijam.

Antibody Development

Two new antibodies for Gronk and Gnomer have been developed by the Jam Sage Alliance. Sages that distribute the antibodies can be found in Salad Grasslands.

World News Bulletin #10

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Jam Sage Alliance

A Storage Room has been built into the homes of all Jam Leaders at no cost. The Jam Sage Alliance thanks you for your efforts.

Registration Service

An account recovery system is now live. This system will allow you to reset your account password, should you forget it.

World News Bulletin #9

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Jam Sage Alliance

The Jam Sage Alliance has announced that a 1.5x Credits multiplier is now in effect. All accounts will receive additional Credits when defeating Antijam monsters.

Salad Grasslands

A new monster known as Gronk has began to appear in some parts of Salad Grasslands. This monster form is quick on its feet and is likely to strike first, but is disorganized by fear.

World News Bulletin #8

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Grand Maple Event

Giant autumnal trees have began to spring up all over Salad Grasslands. The trees offer rich sap, unique wood and colorful leaves that are used by Jam Sages to create special weaponry and items.

Salad Grasslands

Salad Grasslands has been expanded into Salad Grasslands IV. This new area currently contains a Grand Maple, so check it out before its gone